fe73700c0f56bd1e_4574-w173-h173-b0-p0--tory_brandtTory Brandt is an amazing person, period.  She encapsulates what it means to be a successful entrepreneur, business leader and mentor. I have know Tory for almost 20 years and continue to be impressed with her career as well as her work life balance.  Please enjoy this interview.

Mike:  What in your childhood contributed to your success as an adult?

Tory: There are so many things from my childhood that I think contributed to my success as an adult. Especially in Network Marketing and Direct Sales. First, I was the youngest of 4 daughters which taught me how to deal with people. Women in general!  I learned how to adapt to situations well, understand many personalities, realize the world doesn’t revolve around me, etc. I feel like I gained the skills of getting along with almost everyone and embracing chaos.

Mike: I personally know the chaos of a household with four children.    What don’t you know that you would love to know?

Tory: I would love to know what goes on in people’s minds so I can better help them in whatever way I can. My business is somewhat unique in the fact that my success is dependent on others succeeding. I have to find a way to help them believe in themselves, become entrepreneurs, and build their personal work ethic. If they don’t succeed, I don’t. I love it and hate it all at the same time. It does however mandate that I become a better leader, a better person, and a better coach. I love that!

Mike:  Becoming a mind reader is high up on my list also.  I am curious to learn when you knew, really knew that you had a success on your hand?

Tory: I knew I had success in my hands with Arbonne when I started getting paid for work I wasn’t personally doing. It happened pretty early in my career. Once I understood the power of leveraging, I couldn’t stop. I was taught by my anesthesiologist father that I should be a professional so I could decide what I was worth, no one could hire/fire me, etc. I followed his teachings and became an accountant. I found out really quickly that basically the only way I could make more was to work more or take on more overhead. I realized ownership was actually the way to go, but I didn’t want employees and all the fixed expenses. This fell in my lap and I took it and ran with it. Never looking back. I think this business model is the best out there and I love teaching people how to build companies for themselves.

Mike: Even though you never looked back, have there been times when you have had to pivot and change your direction?

Tory: I was an accountant as stated before. It started not working for me when I got married, had 2 children, and still had my full time career. Like many working mothers, my kids got thrown into daycare at a very young age. Mine were 3 days old, because no one wants to wait for their financial information. When you are self employed, you are always on call. I loved making my own money though and having independence, but it started taking its toll and I felt as if I was failing at being a wife, a mother, and a professional. My other option was to quit, but it is almost impossible these days to live on one income and be able to enjoy life.   I did quit my job, but found out quickly I wasn’t fulfilled being a stay at home mom either. I had never considered network marketing at all, but it was presented to me and I thought it was brilliant. I found out it is crazy brilliant. My accountant experience really paid off in a big way.

Mike:  So your pivot happened at an inflection point, when it was most likely to take hold.  When you needed it most.   What do you love about your decision to be an entrepreneur?

Tory:  . I love that my kids have been beside me and grown up with me building this company. They have watched my success as well as celebrated with me as I help others create their own successful businesses. I have taught them to work hard at whatever they chose to do, that they can create whatever life they want, and to enjoy whatever journey they embark on. They have listened to all of my motivational speeches and I know they are listening. I can tell by the way they are planning for the future and the way they view the world. The company I have built is willable and my income will be passed on for 3 generations. I hope they understand and pass on to their children the idea of building a legacy.

Mike: A lot of my success I attribute to my parents direct mailing business, watching them take it from nothing into a multi-million dollar business.  I think the lessons you are teaching them are awesome.  Thank you very much, I enjoyed it!

 A little more about Tory:

Tory Brandt is a Executive National Vice President at Arbonne International, she received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Pepperdine University