Screenshot 2015-12-16 11.49.01When it comes to an attorney’s reputation there is no one who knows more that David Gittelman of LawVeritas (Legal Reputation Management @ Mr. Gittelman is an attorney himself and frustrated that he could control the way the results of internet searches.  He found plenty of companies that would help with search engine optimization and reputation management, however, none specialized in offer services to attorneys.  Attorney’s reputations are controlled by a few sites that most people are not familiar with.  So, with this knowledge and a entrepreneur desire he set out to help attorneys improve their rankings on these specialized sites as well as common ones such as LinkedIn.

But, he did not stop there.  He writes articles for blogs on behalf of his clients and continually grows the number of network connections on each of the sites he manages.  A new client can go from very little information available from a google search to carefully manicured  search results from some of the most important attorney sites.